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Tuan Pham relocated to the sunny Vegas Valley from Massachusetts in August of 2002. He brought with him a wealth of caring, skills, and experience from years of learning and growing in the insurance and financial services industries. He believes in utilizing an integrated approach to financial and personal risk management that completely addresses the special needs of each and every one of his clients.

Since 1983, as a Wealth Advisor, Tuan has received numerous Top Producer Awards from major financial and insurance companies. In 1989, he was named “Most Intriguing Entrepreneur in Central Massachusetts” by Business Digest, a state business publication. His firm received “Best Small Business Firm” in the category of Banking, Insurance and Finance in 2004, awarded by The Greater Las Vegas Asian Pacific Community. In the same year, Tuan was named Nevada’s “2004 Businessman of The Year” by The Congressional Committee Business Advisory Council. Subsequently, in 2005 he was named Honorary Chairman of the Nevada Business Advisory Council. His recognition was published in the Wall Street Journal March 09, 2005 issue.

Tuan is also very active in his local community as well as being involved with advocacy efforts for his industry. Since 1980, he has volunteered in many fundraising events, promoting government fiscal discipline and stability. In 1991, he held a position as Executive Director and in 1992 as Chairman of Minorities Confederation and Friends of Massachusetts, a non-profit organization working in conjunction with The Massachusetts Taxpayers Committee Educational Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) bi-partisan non-profit charitable, educational organization that trains pro-business, fiscally conservative candidates and campaign managers in political campaign management, fundraising, speech making and organizing winning campaigns. He frequently voices his concern and communicates with local and federal elected officials regarding his views on issues such as tax reform, securitization process, consumer financial protection, consumer financial protection, financial regulation, The Indexed Annuities and Insurance Products Act of 2009, and many other legislative issues regarding the financial industry.

Tuan is a Certified Financial Educator®. He is the Managing Partner at P&P Advisory Group, LLC dba Trusted Financial & Insurance. His unique practice focuses on how to help clients find money that they are currently transferring out of their household or business unknowingly and unnecessarily. These areas can include how his clients finance mortgages, pay taxes, fund their qualified plans, save for college costs, and handle expenses like automobile payments and credit cards. Most people are unaware that they will lose more money in these areas of their lifestyle than they will accumulate in their lifelong savings/investment accounts.

Tuan has a strong belief that he can have a bigger impact on his clients’ financial future by helping them avoid the losses due to transfers of money rather than chasing high returns with aggressive investments. Once he helps clients find the money, he can show them how to redirect, save, and grow it tax-deferred, and also withdraw it tax-free. By doing this, he can help clients build a plan such that they:

Tuan is proudly a member of these fine organizations: NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors), NEA (National Ethics Association), MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau (A+ Rated).

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