Life Insurance for Individuals

Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a key part of an individual’s financial plan and serves as its foundation. When most people think of life insurance, obvious things like protecting your family or covering your mortgage come to mind. While the purchase of a home or the birth of a child are common events that lead people to purchase life insurance, there are many reasons that a life insurance policy may be purchased.


  • Burial Expenses

    Burial expenses: life insurance proceeds can be used to provide proper funeral service for loved ones according to their wishes.

  • Mortgages and other debts

    Mortgages and other debts: life insurance proceeds can be used to pay off a mortgage or other personal debts (credit cards, student loans, personal loans, etc.)

  • Income Replacement

    Income replacement: if the breadwinner dies unexpectedly, life insurance can be used to supplement the lost income so that the standard of living can be maintained.

  • Estate Taxes

    Estate taxes: for estates with sizable tax bills, life insurance can be used to pay these so that the estate is preserved.

  • Supplementing Retirement Income

    Supplementing retirement income: life insurance cash values can be used as a source of supplemental retirement income.

  • Education Funding

    Education funding: life insurance cash values can be a good way to fund for a child’s college education expenses. Additionally, the death benefit will ensure that there are funds available for tuition in the event of an untimely death.

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